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Backcountry Magazine Podcast

Jan 26, 2022

Given the epic demand for touring gear and the unprecedented way Backcountry Magazine had to test it last year, we pulled together some of our veteran testers to talk about their experience, because it's from their insight that our editors made selections for this year's Gear Guide. We get into those details a bit. We talk about a range of topics—from quivers of one to why tele gear hasn't changed in a decade and the best skins on the market today. And, of course, we share some of our favorites. Joining host Adam Howard are Marla and Jeremy “Shaggy” Bailey, from Steamboat Springs, Colorado; from Bozeman, Montana, our Technical Editor Lance Riek; and, from Vermont, Darrin McLeod and our very own Tyler Cohen.

This episode of the Backcountry Podcast is brought to you by Minus33.